Curriculum Vitae

Technical Skills


§  Programming Languages: JAVA, C, C++, SQL, JSP, ASP, HTML, Java Script, CSS, EJB, Omni mark, VB, Java Script, AJAX

§  Concepts: OOAD with UML, Design Patterns using JAVA.

§  Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, DOS.

§  Tools: Text Pad, Edit plus, Putty, Cygwin, RAdmin, VSS, Rational, Clear Case, FileNet Image Services,  FileNet Panagon Image Services, IDM FIND, IDM VIEWER, IDM Configure,Capture Professional , Capture Manager, Open Client , IDM Web Services, Adobe CQ 4 to 5

Paper Worked On


§  RBAC-PAT: A Policy Analysis Tool for Role Based Access Control




Detail Resume on request.